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Toys and Kids

By Nasheeka Brishmela

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Our children become the most valuable and important part of our lives from the minute that they are born. Parents love showing off their children and their abilities as well as new childhood achievements. Encouraging early childhood development through play not only produces long-term benefits but also allows parents to enjoy their children's development stages. Toys while enhancing their physical and psychological abilities entertain children; they learn new things about this world through exploring, experiencing and experimenting. Thus as parents it is important to provide children with toys that enrich their senses such that play- time becomes an opportunity for children to develop and learn.

New shapes, colours, textures, tastes and sounds stimulate the senses of babies and young children. Kids toys with contrasting colours stimulate vision while encouraging children to achieve developmental benchmarks such as reaching, grasping, touching, and develop hand eye coordination. As babies grow in to toddlers it is time for new adventures and experimentation - they are able to move around and explore new boundaries. At this time toys have a greater impact on knowledge development, fine motor skills and the building of self-confidence.



Educational Kids Toys

By Dragutin Filipcic

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Before fancy electronic equipment and computer chip generated toys, kids toys were crafted using simple shapes, materials and mechanisms which taught children how to use their hands and thus learn through playing. Though many children want and covet the new, high-tech toys of today; plenty of educational toys for kids are available which combine the benefits of old fashion craftsmanship with learning. The best kids toys are those, which entertain, keep a child engaged and teach at the same time. Though not all toys can do all three things at once, those that do quickly become a child's favorite and all of the non-educational toys seem to get routinely passed over as children naturally crave to learn new tasks, movements, ideas and experiences. You can use this natural ability and desire to become educated when choosing toys for kids by opting for those with a learning aspect to the toy itself.

Older toys from the past, such as simple stacking blocks and building sets not only provided for hours of entertainment, they were also beneficial in helping children learn how to create things with their hands and solve problems by making pieces fir together. This also explains why toys such as blocks, puzzles, construction sets and balls have been longtime favorites of parents and kids alike. Not only does a child learn how to work with their hands, they learn basic and advanced critical thinking skills while playing. This type of learning through play has proven to be beneficial, so much so that even schools use play as a form of educating.


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